20-Somethings: Free. Fearless. Forward.

I remember when I first told my mother, “I want to study journalism. I want to write for fashion. To travel across the world and do work in an industry I love!” Her expression was a bit bewildered but with a hint of support behind it. Four years later, and that ideal still holds true.... Continue Reading →


Unconventional is the New Black

"Tacky. Loud. Clashing". All words no fashion-loving person wants associated with their own sense of style. Or do they? Depending on the eye of the beholder, this description can easily become, "Fashion forward. Brightly colored. Contrasting Chic." Trend-setters are resetting the boundaries and changing the definition of style. After watching Project Runway season 10, again,... Continue Reading →

Room for Improvement

2017 is officially here and in full swing! I apologize for not pushing out a post within the first week of January, but for the life of me, I could not decide what to write about. How do you discuss the topic of the New Year in a " New Way"? Well after a few... Continue Reading →

Say, “I do”… to the dress?

Happy wedding season to all. Before the comments begin to roll in, yes, I am aware that everyone isn't married. I'm not. But I hear the sweet sound of church bells and I feel surrounded by lace and tulle so I thought I'd share this post with you. My boyfriend and I went downtown and there... Continue Reading →

Where to…?

Good morning stylish people! It's April, and with only two weeks left of the semester, it's reflection time. This semester has been extremely busy. This school year as a whole, in fact, has been filled with so many great memories and challenges. I have grown as a student, first and foremost, as a writer, photographer, videographer,... Continue Reading →

Define, “Dope”…

So I was talking to my mom about a pair of shoes, specifically the Rihanna Pumas, and as I was looking at them online I said, and I quote, "These are so dope!" My mom looked at me as if I had just muttered a Class A swear word. So to soothe her I repeated,... Continue Reading →

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