Room for Improvement

2017 is officially here and in full swing! I apologize for not pushing out a post within the first week of January, but for the life of me, I could not decide what to write about. How do you discuss the topic of the New Year in a ” New Way”?

Well after a few days of pondering and soul searching (lol, jk), I’ve decided this:

Each year we set aside “resolutions” that we claim we want to achieve over the next 12 months. Within the first 3-4, we usually give up, get too busy, or completely forget we chose that goal in the first place. Some of us tap out in the first few days.

We change the name to see if that’ll spark inspiration. “Don’t call it a resolution!– Call it a goal. Or a plan of action. Blah Blah Blah. No matter what you call it, if you don’t stick to it, then it’s not really that important, is it?

This year I am putting a little different twist on my own resolutions. Improvements, are what I’ll call them. I don’t simply want to change. That’s easy, to swiftly alter how you want to look, who you want to date, etc. No– I want to improve. I love my life for what it is, but there are areas that could be better. For instance, I graduate from undergraduate in May. Before then, I’d like to increase my efficiency as writer and photographer, practice being more timely, not procrasting as much, and developing more projects. None of these ideas are new to me, however they  are areas in my life that I haven’t always given 100%. 2017 is the comeback season. Have a project that you have yet to finish? Get started right now! Want to become healthier, don’t do a bunch of fad diets, just try to incorporate more water, fruits, and vegetables into your daily routine. Don’t expect any changes over night, but keep a journal and mark your improvements. By Decemeber, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished.


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Say, “I do”… to the dress?

Happy wedding season to all. Before the comments begin to roll in, yes, I am aware that everyone isn’t married. I’m not. But I hear the sweet sound of church bells and I feel surrounded by lace and tulle so I thought I’d share this post with you.

My boyfriend and I went downtown and there they were. The ‘they’ I am referring to, are wedding party’s. One. Two… Five. In the 7 hours that we were strolling throughout  city we came across FIVE wedding party’s!

The ones that were close enough to speak to, we spoke to, and told congratulations. I even took photos of a few. It made me think, prematurely if I may add, “how does one go about selecting the perfect wedding dress?”

By comparison, the way you shop for a prom dress is similar to choosing the dress for your special day. You shop for style, size, comfort, and that “omg” mirror moment. The thing that makes it difficult is the fact that there are so many different styles and fits to pick from. What if they all look good? What if they are all in your price range? What if your bridesmaids or friends say ‘awwww’ to literally every dress you model for them? Then what?

I am interested in finding out more about this. Please feel free to respond and share your wedding dress photos and stories. They’ll be featured in the next post!

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Where to…?

Chicago, IL

Good morning stylish people!

It’s April, and with only two weeks left of the semester, it’s reflection time. This semester has been extremely busy. This school year as a whole, in fact, has been filled with so many great memories and challenges. I have grown as a student, first and foremost, as a writer, photographer, videographer, Style Guru, and much more. Every step of the way, I have enjoyed it and I am grateful for it.

So what’s next?

It’s definitely internship season, so that’s something I have gotten a jump on and am waiting to find out about. I’ve applied to several places, called dozens, and I still have a few more on my list.

This summer I plan to: learn as much as I can about the fashion industry, start preparing myself for graduate school, make as much money as I can, take millions of photos, and see and understand realms of fashion that I may have ignored. In Chicago, anything is possible and that’s where I’ll be for the majority of my summer.


Define, “Dope”…

So I was talking to my mom about a pair of shoes, specifically the Rihanna Pumas, and as I was looking at them online I said, and I quote, “These are so dope!”

My mom looked at me as if I had just muttered a Class A swear word. So to soothe her I repeated, “These are so D-O-P-E. Dope.”

She laughed at me and said, “I heard you,  but what does it mean. Define, dope.”

This incident got me to thinking. What is dope? In today’s culture we see the word ‘dope’ everywhere. Social mediaclothing, even movie titles. But what does this word mean?

In the 80’s and 90’s dope was the street name for drugs, heroin to be exact. But in the 2000’s the meaning has kind of been altered. Defined by urban dictionary, ” dope is a word describing something extremely cool, such as music, clothes people, etc.”

Dope is a sense of style. It is a mixture of edgy, urban, and great fashion sense. A few people who exhibit ‘dope’-ness would be: Rihanna, Kehlani, Chance the Rapper, Zendaya, and of course, Kanye.

Although everyone has their own ideas of what’s cool and what’s not, these artists have been labeled, therefore branded, by social media as Dope icons. Whether it is for their taste in clothing or their talents.

A few items have been labeled as dope by the urban fashion community: Sneakers, chains, wild and unusual hair colors and styles, sweatshirts- usually ones with music, television, or vintage (throwback) themes, and music lyrics- usually ones that include truths about neighborhood situations or that have deep metaphors.

EVERYTHING is not dope. A cute dress is still a cute dress, it is NOT dope. Please for the sake of the word, do not over-abuse it, like #Fleek. A minimum of maybe 5 things a month should be dope.

What/ Who is dope to you? Do you define it differently? Feel free to leave comments below.

Part 2: Ode to Success…

“…It does affect their house and their brand”, says supermodel Naomi Campbell in a 2008 interview done by British channel 4.

Welcome back to the Prada N’ Prose February series of, Ode to Black History: A Journey through design.

The interview discussed the rarity of black models in high fashion runway shows and fashion advertisements. With her experience as a model for over 28 years, Naomi was able to provide a first-hand perspective on her experience in the industry.

In this sequel, I spoke with Aleisha Reado, a 21 year-old Business and Apparel Design major. I showed her three videos out of the dozens that I had watched on the topic of the roles that minorities, (specifically black women), play in the fashion industry.

The fashion industry as a whole is worth billions a dollars, thats from designers, to stylists, to seamstresses, to writers. Out of all of these categories and more it is amazing that roughly only 20% of those are minorities, (asian, black, latino)

Girls Just Wanna Have Grunge 

Good evening darlings,

I promised you a Fabulous Friday post and here it is!!!

They say a girls best friend is a diamond. Being a girl, I’d like to add another BFF to the list– her style. A girl’s style not only shows the world who she is but it emphasizes who she wants to be.

I was on my way to class when I seen this gorgeous girl. Needless to say, her outfit caught my attention. It got me thinking,  the categories that styles and trends fit in, come with stereotypes. Grunge is often associated with all black, leather, chains, or big heavy boots. This may be true–some of the time– however, this is not always the case. I love how she paired her bold hair color with her beige top. Making this look neutral and summer time ready. The blue skater skirt was a nice touch, along with her fabulous floral print combat boots. Overall, I say this look is very well put together.

I love this skirt and her boots. In my recent blog, for CollegeFashionista, I encouraged my readers to wear boots and booties this summer. Unless it is insanely hot outside, boots are actually still very stylish and useful to this season’s wardrobe. I always advise people to go against the grain and mix styles and trends, tastefully of course.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy you’re lovely weekend. Take a dip in the pool, meet a new person, or get all dressed up–just because. Whatever you do, make it memorable.

Happy Fabulous Friday



YOU HAVE TO DO IT, TO PROVE IT! (Fashion Cheat Sheet part #2)

Good Morning Darlings,

I have a joke for you this morning. What’s hot, cold, and ‘chic’ at the same time? Stomped? CHICAGO!!! Now that I have you laughing to tears, let’s get down to business.

If you haven’t seen already, I posted a few photos from the Surround Sound of Fashion Show that took place in Chicago last weekend (Saturday). I apologize for the quality of the photos but I didn’t grab my SLR and was stuck using my phone. However, let me start by saying, wow! To catch you up, I was a volunteer for the show. All in a day, I was an usher, a runner, and seating coordinator. I loved every minute of it. Yes, I was exhausted by the end of the day but I learned so much and the experience itself was totally worth the fatigue. I would love to help out next year and of course take on more responsibility as well. The Beauty Within, which is the show I did hair and make-up for on that Sunday, was very successful too. It was truly nice to see a variety of models who all had different strengths and to see how they reflected and shared their confidence with the audience.

I love to hear good news and support all artists. I would love to know what my readers are doing and attend any events that I can. So if you know of any upcoming shows, especially during the summer, please leave a comment below!

Now back to the nitty gritty.

In the previous blog I talked about faking your skills in order to pass minor interviews or be able to hold a decent conversation about fashion. But, I’m sure we all know that, “faking it” can only take you so far. What if that interview turns into a job, or that conversation turns into a date? How far will you need to go? How much will you need to learn? What if you don’t know who Yves Saint Laurent is? First, stop and breathe. This is a cheat sheet just for you.

True, fashion comes with a lot of ‘baggage’, for lack of a better word. It cannot be learned in one night. It is like a language, and the best way to understand it, is to immerse yourself in it.

To be a fashionista/ Fashionisto you must READ like one. Here’s a list of my favorite bloggers and magazines.

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Vogue
  • Lucky
  • Hercules Universal
  • BryanBoy
  • Fashion
  • GQ

The Blonde Salad

(These are not the only choices these are just a few of  my favorite)

Fashion is FILM, Film is Fashion. A big part of Fashion is movies and television. Here are movies and shows to watch.

  • Any award show (Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Oscar’s, etc)
  • Gossip Girl ( will drive you mad but you will love every second of it)
  • 90210 (scandalous)
  • The Devil Wear’s Prada (funny, great ‘ideal’ of the fashion world, not fully accurate)
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Romantic and classic)
  • Coco Chanel (actually really good)
  • House of DVF (E!)
  • Under the Gunn
  • Project Runway
  • Empire
  • America’s Next Top Model

You must Think Fashion. Here are my fashion faves to watch.

  • Rihanna (of course)
  • JLo
  • Chris Brown
  • FKA Twigs
  • Adam Levine
  • Coco Chanel
  • Michael Kors
  • Givenchy
  • and of course the ever so fierce and fabulous, Michelle Obama

You have to do it, to prove it! Especially if fashion is something that you genuinely have an interest in, career or hobby.

  • Practice styling your friends, parents, make your significant other your own personal mannequin.
  • If you want to design, carry a pencil and a sketch book everywhere, inspiration strikes most unexpectedly.
  • Photographers, same, take your camera everywhere. (unless you don’t have security clearance to do so.)
  • Earn a job/internship at a retail store, modeling agency, make-up counter, or salon. It may not be what you want right now but it’ll definitely help you gain experience.
  • Have more than one skill. If you do photography, learn merchandising. If you sketch, learn to sew,etc.
  • Don’t give up. The fashion world is SUPER-competitive. As long as you want it more than the person next to you, you’ll get it!

    This photo is property of LaModaVivaFotography  Sharvelle Latrice Bullock subject: Aerial Dwyer Prop: Cosmopolitan Magazine
    This photo is property of LaModaVivaFotography
    Sharvelle Latrice Bullock
    subject: Aerial Dwyer
    Prop: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Fake it Until You Make it (Fashion cheat sheet) Part #1

Good morning Darlings,

So I have fabulous news. I have the opportunity to be immersed in the fashion world for the entire weekend! Any one who knows me, or knows the slightest thing about me, is aware that this is super exciting. I have a shoot later on today for a gala that I am co-hosting next Friday, I will attend the Surround Sound of Fashion Show on Saturday night in Chicago, and Sunday I am doing hair and makeup for another show, Celebrating the Beauty Within: Fashion Explosion. Working alongside stylists from the Paul Mitchell Beauty School. So big things and more photos coming soon!

I love to hear good news and support all artists. I would love to hear what my readers are doing and attend any events I can.  So if you know of any upcoming shows, especially during the summer, please leave a comment below!

Now back to the featured program. I’m sure you have heard this cliche phrase over a million times in your life. I know I have. This post is a little cheat sheet of fashion that are not only good conversation starters, but can probably, (because I am not a employer or HR expert), get you through an interview at a fashion or retail company.

WARNING: These tips will NOT land you a position as an editor-in-chief or a top designer. Your skills and experience will speak louder than any tip that I or any other blogger can give.

Fashion Vocabulary: If you’re planning on going into a fashion career, working a show, or even updating your resume these are some basic words and phrases that will make you seem like you know exactly what you’re talking about. Over time, you’ll be using these words in your everyday conversation.

1. Lookbook: A variety of images displaying a designer’s upcoming collection.

2. Ready-to-wear: Factory produced clothing, usually mass produced, that comes in standard sizes.

3. Haute Couture (pronounced [Oat Ku-toor]): Especially-made for customers. A collection of clothing presented two times a year and worked on by 15 or more employees.  Usually, very expensive and great quality designs and fabrics.

4. Appliqué (pronounced [Apli-kay]): Stitching one fabric on top of another.

5. Silhouette (pronounced [Sil-o-whet]): The outline or contour of a garment or body shape.

Types of clothing: “Hey (insert your name here), grab me that, (fashion item that you’ve never heard of before, ever)”- Don’t be that person.


Kimono sleeve: Pretty self explanatory

Sleeveless: (Yes sleeveless is a type of sleeve.)

Raglan sleeve: These come about a quarter down your arm and are typically straight. (Think baseball-tee)

Puff sleeve: Shorter sleeve bunched at the top, (in a puff shape), full in the center, and cuffed at the end.

Set in sleeve: A sleeve “set-in” to the body of the garment. Beginning, at the shoulder and following the seam to the armhole. Most common sleeve type.

Bell sleeve:This sleeve type can be long (ending at the wrist) or short (ending at the elbow). It starts at the armhole and flares out at the bottom.

Bishop sleeve: Long sleeve gathered at the end (at the wrist), similar to a bishop’s robe.

These are not all of the sleeve types but these are definitely the most common.

This is just a starter kit; Tune in tomorrow when I update you on the show and include more tips! You WON’T want to miss this!!

Until then please enjoy your day, and stay fabulous!!

Let’s Chat

Good afternoon darlings,

Insert funny, captivating, and inspiring quote riiiiiggghhttt about…..


If the truth were a lie we would have a lot more conversations but a lot less friends.

So reader’s let’s talk. I have a few questions and I really want your honest opinions and ideas. So please, let’s keep it real, alright? I have a few questions and I would love for you to respond via Twitter @Lamodaviva and the hashtag #pradaandprose with the question number and your response. I will actually take your feedback and use it as a guideline to follow. No this isn’t some weird way to gain more followers. This is a conversation. I figured, my last post was pretty successful so why not?

I do this not for the recognition, although it is nice. But I blog to get better, to discover my voice as a writer, to help and entertain the readers, and to take what I have learned with you. So let’s get started shall we.

1. What do you think of Pradaandprose so far?

2. Is this a blog that you would pass along to your friends?

3. Are you actually into fashion yourself?

4. Are you a blogger? If so how can I read your blog?

5. What has been your favorite post so far?

6. What topic ideas would you like to see?

7. Criticisms?

I really do appreciate your feedback and I will use it to get better. This isn’t just some hobby for me. This is my career. So I thank you for your attention. I’m here every Friday and be sure to check out the video version of this blog on my Youtube channel: LaModaViva. Have a great day. I am officially on Spring break so I will actually be asleep for the next few days.

Ciao! You WON’T want to miss this!