Prada N’ Prose is a fashion blog for the fashionista/(o)  inside you. This blog will cover a varieIMG_6720ty of themes from urban street chic to high fashion and couture. This blog will put a creative spin on style and trend insights from everyday people.

What makes Prada N’ Prose different? Unlike most blogs, I won’t just spit out random fashion facts and spewing what I deem as ‘good advice’. This blog is just as much you, the audience, as it is me, the writer. The plan is to be interactive and willing to trade information.

This blog site will display tons of photos, videos, and posts offering a new and fresh take on the fashion industry and it’s many components.Majority of the photos displayed are products of LamodaViva Fotography, unless stated otherwise.

My name is Sharvelle Bullock. I am an Illinois State University graduate. My degree is in Journalism with a concentration in Editorial writing. From 2014 to 2016 I interned with CollegeFashionista. In August 2016 to May 2017 I worked as the Assistant Director of Social Media and as on-air talent for 103.3 WZND “Fuzed” Radio.

Make sure to check out my work and feel free to leave constructive feedback!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Lamodaviva


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