Figure it Out. 

If you can get through it, you can figure it out. 
Moving to Central Illinois, four years ago as a college student, was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my life. Granted, it was also the most annoying, tragedy-inducing, and spiritually enriching moment as well. I am only being a little dramatic. Going into college I was so sure of myself: my goals, plans, and hopes had all aligned themselves and created the perfect version of my life. I would have a “dean’s list worthy” GPA. I would join a sorority. I would earn more scholarships than I’d had in the beginning. I would earn valuable internships at well-known media companies. Etc. 

However, some of these things did happen. I met life-long friends. Established meaningful relationships with my professors. Learned techniques of my field and earned great internship positions. All things that seem to benefit my future. I am grateful for these blessings. Since graduation, last semester, I have gained the chance to see what it’s like on the other side. Think about it, I have been a student for over seventeen years. In school- out of school, the cycle repeats. This is my first time truly on my own. Yes my family supports me. Nevertheless, as a budding adult, I try not to lean on them heavily, as they have their own lives to enjoy. 
I have gone through some trying times as most college students do and I have made many mistakes. In the clutches of financial grudging, anxiety of failure, family based stresses, balancing a healthy social life, etc. It gets more than difficult. 

That’s the part that makes it so much more worth it. Now I am in the stage of “figuring it out”. This period of my life feels so much more freeing. Owning the choices I’ve made and finding out how to get back on track. I am not in school currently, (I am taking a break before continuing) so time is in my hands and whatever I choose to do with it, I may. This blog topic isn’t meant to preach to you and say a bunch of old cliche quotes. For example: “don’t worry”; “time heals all”; “patience is a virtue” and whatever else may be used as a tattoo. My point is that, if you really want something bad enough (a degree, a new house, a career, another chance) you have to be willing to put in the effort, and deal with the struggles, that come in earning that blessing. 

Sharvelle L. Bullock 

Illinois State University 

Class of 2017 

School of Communications, Journalism 


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