Room for Improvement

2017 is officially here and in full swing! I apologize for not pushing out a post within the first week of January, but for the life of me, I could not decide what to write about. How do you discuss the topic of the New Year in a ” New Way”?

Well after a few days of pondering and soul searching (lol, jk), I’ve decided this:

Each year we set aside “resolutions” that we claim we want to achieve over the next 12 months. Within the first 3-4, we usually give up, get too busy, or completely forget we chose that goal in the first place. Some of us tap out in the first few days.

We change the name to see if that’ll spark inspiration. “Don’t call it a resolution!– Call it a goal. Or a plan of action. Blah Blah Blah. No matter what you call it, if you don’t stick to it, then it’s not really that important, is it?

This year I am putting a little different twist on my own resolutions. Improvements, are what I’ll call them. I don’t simply want to change. That’s easy, to swiftly alter how you want to look, who you want to date, etc. No– I want to improve. I love my life for what it is, but there are areas that could be better. For instance, I graduate from undergraduate in May. Before then, I’d like to increase my efficiency as writer and photographer, practice being more timely, not procrasting as much, and developing more projects. None of these ideas are new to me, however they  are areas in my life that I haven’t always given 100%. 2017 is the comeback season. Have a project that you have yet to finish? Get started right now! Want to become healthier, don’t do a bunch of fad diets, just try to incorporate more water, fruits, and vegetables into your daily routine. Don’t expect any changes over night, but keep a journal and mark your improvements. By Decemeber, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished.


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