Summer, Situations, and Summaries.


Hello all,

I hope you ALL had a sensational summer break. Mine was mostly spent, volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club and folding fits at Target. While I did not get the chance to travel cross-country or shop the boutiques of metropolitan cities, like some of my peers, I did get the opportunity to learn life lessons and create lasting memories.

The past few months I, admittedly, have been dealing with a lot. I have switched apartments. I applied, been selected, and turned down internships. I have been denied internships. I accepted a position as a freelance photographer. I have gotten rid of clothes. I changed my hair over a dozen times. I survived a car accident. I have gained weight. I have lost weight. I have gained new friends. I also lost a few.

Of all the experiences I have had this summer, nothing beats the feeling that I felt on August 20, 2016

Two days before my 21st birthday.

I spent the day with the people I most love. At that moment, on that day, nothing else mattered. Everything that I have ever been upset about, everything that may have stressed me out the days before, it did not matter.

So now, entering my senior year of my undergraduate career, I am carrying with me the mantra and great proverb, “Just keep swimming” to remind me that, things may come my way. Things I may not be ready for. Situations that may seem annoying, and bothersome. But if I remember to just keep swimming, it will not matter. To keep a positive attitude and focus on the task at hand, not stress about what ‘might’, happen.

Just keep Swimming.


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