STATE Your Fashion…

As an Illinois State University student and Journalism major, I have been provided with the opportunity to write about what I love the most. Fashion.

Although I am not in the major directly I feel as though my internship with College Fashionista, my several subscriptions to fashion magazines, and my obsession with all the latest celebrity fashion trends, have me pretty confident on the subject.

My goal, post-graduation, is to work as an editor, staff writer, or art director at a magazine. None in particular, I don’t want to limit my options.

So why this obsession with fashion?

Easy. I come from a family of artists (Musicians, dancers, painters, vocalists- you name it, we’ve got it). So not only am I musically inclined, I also fell in love, inevitably, with visual art. To me fashion isn’t about what’s “in” what’s “hot” it’s more about “how can I express, me?” “Who do I want to be, today?”

These are questions that I believe every person should ask when they get dressed. Fashion is like taking your personality, capturing it, and displaying it to any and every one.

It’s less about style and more about confidence. If you feel good in it, rock it. Lady GaGa is the perfect example of this.

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