Define, “Dope”…

So I was talking to my mom about a pair of shoes, specifically the Rihanna Pumas, and as I was looking at them online I said, and I quote, “These are so dope!”

My mom looked at me as if I had just muttered a Class A swear word. So to soothe her I repeated, “These are so D-O-P-E. Dope.”

She laughed at me and said, “I heard you,  but what does it mean. Define, dope.”

This incident got me to thinking. What is dope? In today’s culture we see the word ‘dope’ everywhere. Social mediaclothing, even movie titles. But what does this word mean?

In the 80’s and 90’s dope was the street name for drugs, heroin to be exact. But in the 2000’s the meaning has kind of been altered. Defined by urban dictionary, ” dope is a word describing something extremely cool, such as music, clothes people, etc.”

Dope is a sense of style. It is a mixture of edgy, urban, and great fashion sense. A few people who exhibit ‘dope’-ness would be: Rihanna, Kehlani, Chance the Rapper, Zendaya, and of course, Kanye.

Although everyone has their own ideas of what’s cool and what’s not, these artists have been labeled, therefore branded, by social media as Dope icons. Whether it is for their taste in clothing or their talents.

A few items have been labeled as dope by the urban fashion community: Sneakers, chains, wild and unusual hair colors and styles, sweatshirts- usually ones with music, television, or vintage (throwback) themes, and music lyrics- usually ones that include truths about neighborhood situations or that have deep metaphors.

EVERYTHING is not dope. A cute dress is still a cute dress, it is NOT dope. Please for the sake of the word, do not over-abuse it, like #Fleek. A minimum of maybe 5 things a month should be dope.

What/ Who is dope to you? Do you define it differently? Feel free to leave comments below.

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