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“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”

-CoCo Chanel


I am a huge fan of fashion, obvious right? I have been exploring the fashion industry and all of its many realms. Trust me–it’s a vast area of study.

Lately I’ve become obsessed with makeup and beauty blogs.

At first, it seemed as if they were all the same, some obnoxious girl who wears way too much foundation and bronzer and who buys all of these expensive products, that I could never seem to find anyway.

BUT after a night of being bored of Netflix (crazy, right?), I found a few beauty bloggers, who are realistic, practical, and super entertaining to watch and read.

One of my favorites is Carli Bybel, first off her makeup is ALWAYS so flawless. Not only does she cover great makeup trends she also touches on lifestyle and everyday topics.

Shalom Blac,a young woman who was badly burned on her face with hot oil. Despite her injuries she still felt beautiful and confident (as she is and should) to make lovely makeup tutorials. Very Inspiring.

There are a lot of things that go into producing and maintaining a fashion or beauty blog. The maintenance part is the challenge. Providing a platform with fresh and consistent material is one of the key elements needed to “successfully” blog.

That is my goal as a blogger. I don’t necessarily want to have over a billion viewers and thousands of people sending me messages asking, “hey can you follow me back?” and all that other internet famous hoopblah’ (Spongebob reference).

My goals here are to connect with other fashion lovers, to change the opinions of trend haters, to further establish my own since of style, to grow as a writer, and have fun with it every step of the way.

For more cool beauty bloggers click this link.


BTW the photo included in this blog post is one of my own, a nice set of murals I happened upon on the south side of Chicago.

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