Ode to the end: The Writers’ Desk. 

Good day all, 

An ode is defined as “a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject…a poem meant to be sung.” 

If you’ve been following my blog this month, you know that week to week I’ve been speaking on the topic of African-American history and the role of black culture in fashion. 
I interviewed students from my Illinois state university campus. The students gave their opinions on several subjects regarding the topic. 

“Why this topic?”

As an African-American woman, it is important (at least to me) that I try to connect my present life with the lives of those who came before me. 

As a writer, I believe that it is my responsibility to speak on all issues regarding the theme of my choice, especially those that have not been largely discussed. 

Fashion is important to me and so is my history. 

They say, 

“A Writers’ desk is a visual display of who they are”, “who am I?”

On my desk you’ll usually find my camera, a Bible devotional, a set of pens, my speakers and a variety books. 

That speaks volumes. That’s why I write about what I do. That’s why this is an ode. 

“Who are you?” 


One thought on “Ode to the end: The Writers’ Desk. 

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  1. I love looking at other writer’s desks. I just posted my very elegant horse-shoe desk all clean looking. Next I want to photograph it messy. Kind of weird obsession I concede.

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