Part 2: Ode to Success…

“…It does affect their house and their brand”, says supermodel Naomi Campbell in a 2008 interview done by British channel 4.

Welcome back to the Prada N’ Prose February series of, Ode to Black History: A Journey through design.

The interview discussed the rarity of black models in high fashion runway shows and fashion advertisements. With her experience as a model for over 28 years, Naomi was able to provide a first-hand perspective on her experience in the industry.

In this sequel, I spoke with Aleisha Reado, a 21 year-old Business and Apparel Design major. I showed her three videos out of the dozens that I had watched on the topic of the roles that minorities, (specifically black women), play in the fashion industry.

The fashion industry as a whole is worth billions a dollars, thats from designers, to stylists, to seamstresses, to writers. Out of all of these categories and more it is amazing that roughly only 20% of those are minorities, (asian, black, latino)

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