Ode To Dude: In Honor of Men’s Fashion Week

Hi Loves!

I hope your week is going well.

February marks the month for many events and holidays. Black History Month, being my personal favorite, along with Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, etc.

This post is a bit different than my usual, I’ll admit it. I decided to interview college men about their personal style and how they feel fashion is displayed and perceived amongst minority men.

Both Justin Pickett and Jeremy Johnson, both students at Illinois State University, gave me different answers.

“If I gave a poor man, that had on (probably) clothes that were outdated for five years… $1,000 and told him to go shopping, I am confident that a black man will comeback with something trendy right now, the white man would go and get something newer than what he has on right now.”

-Jeremy Johnson


I found this quote very interesting because this a very popular topic in the black community. Do African-Americans set fashion trends?

Well I’ll let you decide.

Think of Timberlands, a shoe designed as an everyday work boot, turned into a stylistic choice. The button-down shirt, made for formal and business gatherings, turned into a layering technique amongst urban (minority) trendsetters. This concept is not new and It’s not JUST black. Blacks and Latinos have been changing the rules of fashion for decades. Taking the “practical” and making it fashionable.

While the world we live in is becoming more and more diverse each day there is still a imbalance of black designers (New York Times) and HIGH FASHION models on the big name runways. It’s easy to say, “there just aren’t any “good” black designers“, but we all know that isn’t the case. Yet and still, the skewed results remain. Follow me on this trip through Black Fashion and its impression left on todays society. Each Friday we will take a look at the past and step into the future on this February’s series: Ode to Black History: A Journey Through Design.

Thank you for tuning into part one: Ode to Dude.





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