“…means of communication to the world.”

Last year I interviewed professional freelance photographer, Rashod Taylor.

“I became interested in photography in junior high, my homeroom teacher was actually the yearbook advisor and I decided to try it out and play around with the cameras a bit.”

Before joining his high school yearbook staff, Taylor only took personal photos at family gatherings and on vacations.

“I was in high school right around the time when digital starting getting popular and more obtainable, 95′-96′.

I would shoot mostly sports and portraits. I eventually became a photographer for both the yearbook and the newspaper. Not at the same time, I would alternate between the two.”

Taylor admits, “I like to try everything. I have probably had almost every single camera format known to man. Leica camera, range finder. It’s been around for like a hundred years. Great photographers, of all kinds and genres, especially, street photographers use them. It’s one of the best cameras out there.”

Photography is a highly popular hobby and career choice. Every artist has a different specialty and reasoning behind their fascination. I explained to Taylor that my infatuation was caused by the ideal that everything, to me seems much more real through the lens of a camera. In return, he explained his reasoning:

“I am a horrible writer, photography is my means of communication to the world.

I love art, I just love self expression.

I love meeting new people and learning about others.”

Married and with a new son, Taylor describes his photography career as interesting but confesses that it isn’t his ideal career. “My family depends on me. Photography is great but its not always financially stable.”

It wasn’t all bad though, Rashod has done editorial freelance assignments for Essence magazine. “Yes, I shot for Essence, actually my cousin worked as a designer then art director for Essence. He told me about their internship program, he gave it some thought and decided, ‘I would love to live in New York for a summer!’ I put in my application and at first, I did not get accepted; I actually missed the deadline.

In May someone dropped out, the internship started in June, I got a call asking me to send in my resume and portfolio by the end of the day. So I hustled, did it, and ended up getting an interview ;they hired me as an art intern. That was back in 2007. New York was awesome. I loved the grind, everyone was doing their own thing. The creativity is contagious.”

His duties as an art intern included mostly, watching and learning.  He would go with the staff to photo shoots, he also checked film.

“It was more than photography, I got to see how they put the magazine together.”

When Rashod Taylor is not shooting beautiful and inspiring scenes, he’s negotiating contracts at State Farm.

“Everyone is a photographer now-a-days, everyone is good, so as an artist you have to figure out what makes you better. Some people may be really good at Lifestyle shots, for others it may be portraiture.”

Taylor graduated from Murray state University, majored in art, with a concentration in photography.

If you are interested in learning more about the Leica camera, check out this link: https://us.leica-camera.com/

If you would like to know more about Rashod Taylor, check out his website: http://www.rashodtaylor.com/#0




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