20 things to look out for in 2016! 

The new year has finally arrived and I, along with several other publications have comprised a list of 20 things to look out for in 2016! 

1. The presedential elections: will Trump Triumph of will Hillary be the game changer? 

2. Chance the Rapper: Chicago kid turned rap icon. 

3. Fashion week! It may seem far now but I guarantee you the designers, models, and every fashion lover is already pumped for the show. 

4. Justin Beiber: New project in the works or nah?? 

5. Valentine’s Day! (Nuff’ said) 

6. Spring! 

7. Summer! 

8. Spice Girls! (Reunited and it feels so good? Talk of a reunion tour) 

9. Health Nuts! New year resolutions to drop the pounds and  make better health related choices. 

10. Social justice concerns: what’s next? What’s the solution? 

11. College Homecoming! Game time! 

12. The Super Bowl! 

13. NBA Championship game 2016

14. New iPhone? Although not confirmed, we all know the patterns by now. 

15. 21st Birthday! This is a personal  thing I’m looking forward to. Can’t wait to be a legal adult–bring on the responsibility and martinis! 

16. New friends! Drake said “No New Friends” but I disagree. 2016 is the perfect time to add to your contact list! 

17. New opportunities. Missed out on a class or promotion in 2015? Try again! This your second chance to make a first impression. Don’t waste it. 

18. New Blog posts! New makeup hauls, fashion advice, editorials, and photography. I know I’m excited and I know you will be too! 

19. New Movies! The next few years, until 2019 at least, will be filled with thrilling and exciting action movies. Many are Marvel and DC comic book based. I. Can’t. Wait! 

20. Same you. Better decisions. Resolutions are hard to stick to. Goals, dreams, and visions are a bit easier to wrap your head around. If you have a goal that you want to achieve this new year, do it! Don’t just say it and forget about it a month into the year. 

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