Relationship Goals

Good morning all and Happy Friday!

Junior year of college is no joke. I’ve been super busy with meetings, classes, and work. But lo’ and behold I have returned. So straight to business. Every week my Reporting 1 professor gives us a blog post assignment to do. We basically read an article or story and write about what it means to us or just kind of a response piece. This week’s story was entitled, “Always, Ed”. The story is about a man whose name is, you’ve guessed it Ed! From the age of 17 he has been in love with Judy who was 15 at the time. Anyway, it was a classic tale of love at first site (1950’s). They end up getting married, having kids, perfect life right? It gets better. Because they are so broke, every Valentine’s Day they publish little love notes in the local newspaper as gifts. Sweet! Nevertheless, I thought I should share my thoughts on this piece because our generation has been in a love rut. Folks just seems to “talk” but no one is communicating. There’s a lot of shattered, notice I didn’t say broken, hearts in the world right now. People are so worried about being hurt that no one is really falling in love. No, this isn’t everyone. To those who have found the “one”,congratulations continue to love them as best you can and keep the torch lit. But for the other side of the spectrum, maybe a deeper evaluation is needed. Alright, enough soap box talk,

here’s what I wrote on the topic:

Always Ed, to me, is a timeless love story. The kind you see in movies.

Starting from a young age Ed knew that he wanted to be with Judy and he wasn’t going to let anything deter him from that goal. Almost immediately, without hesitation, he professed his love for her and even though she did not return it back as fast as he sent it, he waited until she felt the same way.

They did not have a lot of money, they didn’t take lavish trips, etc. The simplest things made them happy. I find that extremely relevant in the case of today’s “relationships”. Today young couples use social media to publicly express how they feel. Couples are constantly posting photos on Instagram of what they believe should be “relationship goals”. Usually the photos contain young couples being showered in gifts, wearing expensive matching clothing, or upholding some stereotypical gender roles.

Ed and Judy demonstrated their love by supporting each other equally, spending time with each other, constantly letting each other how much they mean to one another. It was never about “what you can give me” or the monetary value of gifts. Most couples focus on very shallow and potentially meaningless variables.

I thought that it was also very important that the children, Chris mainly, noticed how important the relationship his parents was. Even though he wasn’t completely comfortable with sharing that with his father, he had no doubt in his mind. Children, especially in the youngest stages, pay very close attention to their parents and often they replicate their actions. Growing up in a house full of love is an amazing thing for a child.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Judy and Ed may have disagreed on something’s, especially with money being low. That’s normal, being imperfect is totally common and expected. The important thing is how they handled those flawed situations. Whether they argued, or calmly discussed, whether anyone used condescending language instead of being understanding. These are all things that would change the outcome of the situation. Today’s relationships heavily involve social media. If a couple fights, you will usually see a trail of Twitter and Facebook posts. Someone may change their relationship status from “In a relationship” to “It’s complicated”. Everything is processed publically and instead of handling the issue with their partner they get comments and advice from people online. Chances are these people don’t give a damn about whether this couple breaks up, if someone is heartbroken, in fact they have probably been waiting for this relationship to end so that they can make their move on the other person.

Judy and Ed may have not been perfect but their love was exactly the kind that many people today strive for but may never see because they are stuck on these shallow ideals and behaviors. Love, to me is an elegant and complicate sport. You have to put time into it. It involves work. It involves compromise, not comparison. It takes a LOT of patience and understanding. Most importantly it takes willingness to love and be loved. Don’t expect an Ed and Judy love if you have a Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose relationship.


Do you have Relationship Goals? What are they?

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