NEWS FLASH: Celebrity Priviledge 

Whoever controls the media, the 

images, controls the culture.

Poet, Allen Ginsberg

Good morning Darlings, 
Thanks for joining me on this lovely Friday. June is coming to a close and I can’t wait! July is gonna be hot and oh so amazing!

So last night I was on Tumblr, looking at celebrities’ best and worse fashion trends and I noticed that no matter how terrible the outfit was labeled or how bad the comments were, there were still people saying that they are willing to try that look. 

Have you ever noticed that something only rarely seems cool if we’ve seen someone else do it first? Think about it, would you have really dyed your hair blonde if Beyoncé or Kim K  didn’t do it? Would you have started wearing plaid if you didn’t see J. Beibs or Robert Pattinson rocking it? 
The styles and trends that we see in the media have a great impact on what we do in our own lives. I admit it. When I saw Zendaya rocking camo pants and boots, I wanted the same thing in my closet. 

It doesn’t really matter how many times we’ve seen the same trend.  If someone we deem worthy, is wearing it, we have to have it. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because you get to play around with styles and discover what you ACTUALLY like to wear. A popular belt, makeup trend or pair of shoes can add confidence and make you feel like a celebrity amongst your peers. 

The not so bright side is pretty obvious. It can be expensive, especially if you are buying the real thing. A lot of celebrity wardrobes are complimentary, meaning that they get a lot of their stuff for free as long as they promise to wear it to some big event. 

Don’t get me wrong , I’m all for splurging on yourself every now and again, but I also advocate the idea of living within your means. That $6,000 Michael Kors dress you see Katy Perry rocking on the red carpet was most likely given to her. I don’t suggest running out and getting one until you’ve paid your rent and gotten groceries. 

No idea is a new idea, so I can  guarantee you that there is a cheaper version of whatever style you have in mind. So before you try to Keep Up with the Kardashians, try searching the web or your local retail stores for price alternatives. Celebrities make good models and advertisers for clothing but don’t let that be your only reasoning for trying a new style. 

Until next time, enjoy your weekend!

P.S my latest Style Guru blog for my internship is up. Make sure to check it out.

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