Girls Just Wanna Have Grunge 

Good evening darlings,

I promised you a Fabulous Friday post and here it is!!!

They say a girls best friend is a diamond. Being a girl, I’d like to add another BFF to the list– her style. A girl’s style not only shows the world who she is but it emphasizes who she wants to be.

I was on my way to class when I seen this gorgeous girl. Needless to say, her outfit caught my attention. It got me thinking,  the categories that styles and trends fit in, come with stereotypes. Grunge is often associated with all black, leather, chains, or big heavy boots. This may be true–some of the time– however, this is not always the case. I love how she paired her bold hair color with her beige top. Making this look neutral and summer time ready. The blue skater skirt was a nice touch, along with her fabulous floral print combat boots. Overall, I say this look is very well put together.

I love this skirt and her boots. In my recent blog, for CollegeFashionista, I encouraged my readers to wear boots and booties this summer. Unless it is insanely hot outside, boots are actually still very stylish and useful to this season’s wardrobe. I always advise people to go against the grain and mix styles and trends, tastefully of course.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy you’re lovely weekend. Take a dip in the pool, meet a new person, or get all dressed up–just because. Whatever you do, make it memorable.

Happy Fabulous Friday



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