Bases Loaded: Under the Wire

Good evening darlings,

Yes, I know that it is late but I am just getting over a mild case of writer’s block. Yesterday a regular reader of my blog asked me, “Hey it’s almost Friday, what are you going to write about?” I had no idea. I was in a bit of rut.  Then it hit me!

I was walking to work. Like usual, I cut through the tennis courts, I  happened to look down and I saw  a baseball.

So interesting, right? Just bare with me. Based on how close the baseball field is to the tennis court, it is safe to assume that the person who hit the ball had one hell of a follow through, or a tennis player wanted to try his reflexive skills in a new sport. Either way, this made me think. Possibilities become endless when we stop trying to box in our ideas. So the question is, why does fashion have to be limited to clothing, movies, magazines and designers? Answer; It doesn’t.

Defined by Dictionary. com, fashion is a manner or way of doing something. “The make or form of ANYTHING.”  Fashion is a big part of my life and so is writing. Its a big part of my lifestyle.  In fact I’m not going to label my blog under just Fashion, it will be so much more than that.

Whether I hit a home run or strike out, I just really want to be a part of the game.

Until next time,

Keep playing

Have a great day! Stay tuned for next Friday’s post!

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