Pomp & Circmstance: How to be a Fab Grad

Good morning Darlings,

It’s that time again, Final Exams, Prom, and GRADUATION! But before we jump in, I must make a few announcements:

1. I apologize for being absent last week. It was finals week this week and I was studying like crazy. Fortunately, I am finished and I am now a college junior! Almost there!

2. PROM: My favorite event next to Academy Award season and Fashion Week. Please send me  2015 prom pictures and I will feature them in a May posting. Email any photos to me at: lamodavivafotography@gmail.com

Now to business.

Its Graduation season! A time of change, champagne, celebration and CHOICES! Like, “what the heck do I wear?” “Does it even matter? I mean– I am wearing a cap and gown”. To answer your burning questions, yes,  it totally matters. To answer any further questions, what you wear ALWAYS matters. What you wear says who you are. It’s the first thing people see, and most people will probably remember what you had on before they remember exactly what you said. It’s not shallow, it’s how our minds work.

So what to wear for graduation. My advice- NEVER wear the same color as the gown unless its black or white. Accessories, so ties, earrings, shoes, those are fine to match but never a full dress, pants, or shirt.

To the Ladies:

Shoes: Flip-flops UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES is acceptable for graduation. Go more for cute gladiator-style sandals, loafers, ballet style flats, low heels (6 inch strapped stilettos may be appropriate for your favorite weekend spot, but not for a walk across the stage). Sneakers are a definite no.

To dress or not to dress: A dress is NOT mandatory. Just a nice touch. But if that’s not the road you wish to travel, Spring season is the perfect time to try out other styles. Whatever you do, short-shorts are NOT the answer and neither are jeans. Dress slacks, Khaki, white or eggshell crop-style slacks, skirts (long and appropriately short), anything along those lines. If you do go traditional, maxi dresses are pretty much always a good choice, A-line skater dresses are really good for all body types, and a body-con style dress isn’t a bad option either. It is important that you get a dress style that fits you comfortably. Graduation ceremonies typically have a lot of stand-and-sit action and you want to do so without ripping your attire or flashing the faculty and parents.

To the Gents:

Shoes: Pretty much follow the same laws as the ladies. No flip-flops or sneakers. Loafers and dress shoes are clean and very classic, who wouldn’t want that look?

Head & Shoulders: Hats at graduation are not really appropriate, even if they are typically seen as “dressy”. Before and after the ceremony, sure go for it. Shirts. Of course the ever-so-loved button-up is a favorite of mine, especially if it has stripes. It is Spring so don’t shy away from pastel colors, light pinks, blues, greens, and, yellows look nice paired with a pair of khaki, navy, white, or tan knee-length shorts. Polo’s are also very welcome, and nicely paired with shorts and loafers as well.

For the class of 2k15:

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and best of luck and strength to tackle your new goals. Never give up and never stop being yourself. The older you get, the tougher life will seem, but when life gets super annoying and challenging:

Laugh Harder

Hug Longer

Dance Wilder

Stress less and Dress to Impress

Thanks for reading and be sure to share and follow me on ALL social media @LaModaViva

Until next time,

Good luck on your exams, prom, graduation, and tune in next Friday for more Fabulous posts.



Photograph by LaModaViva Fotography
Photograph by LaModaViva Fotography

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