Fake it Until You Make it (Fashion cheat sheet) Part #1

Good morning Darlings,

So I have fabulous news. I have the opportunity to be immersed in the fashion world for the entire weekend! Any one who knows me, or knows the slightest thing about me, is aware that this is super exciting. I have a shoot later on today for a gala that I am co-hosting next Friday, I will attend the Surround Sound of Fashion Show on Saturday night in Chicago, and Sunday I am doing hair and makeup for another show, Celebrating the Beauty Within: Fashion Explosion. Working alongside stylists from the Paul Mitchell Beauty School. So big things and more photos coming soon!

I love to hear good news and support all artists. I would love to hear what my readers are doing and attend any events I can.  So if you know of any upcoming shows, especially during the summer, please leave a comment below!

Now back to the featured program. I’m sure you have heard this cliche phrase over a million times in your life. I know I have. This post is a little cheat sheet of fashion that are not only good conversation starters, but can probably, (because I am not a employer or HR expert), get you through an interview at a fashion or retail company.

WARNING: These tips will NOT land you a position as an editor-in-chief or a top designer. Your skills and experience will speak louder than any tip that I or any other blogger can give.

Fashion Vocabulary: If you’re planning on going into a fashion career, working a show, or even updating your resume these are some basic words and phrases that will make you seem like you know exactly what you’re talking about. Over time, you’ll be using these words in your everyday conversation.

1. Lookbook: A variety of images displaying a designer’s upcoming collection.

2. Ready-to-wear: Factory produced clothing, usually mass produced, that comes in standard sizes.

3. Haute Couture (pronounced [Oat Ku-toor]): Especially-made for customers. A collection of clothing presented two times a year and worked on by 15 or more employees.  Usually, very expensive and great quality designs and fabrics.

4. Appliqué (pronounced [Apli-kay]): Stitching one fabric on top of another.

5. Silhouette (pronounced [Sil-o-whet]): The outline or contour of a garment or body shape.

Types of clothing: “Hey (insert your name here), grab me that, (fashion item that you’ve never heard of before, ever)”- Don’t be that person.


Kimono sleeve: Pretty self explanatory

Sleeveless: (Yes sleeveless is a type of sleeve.)

Raglan sleeve: These come about a quarter down your arm and are typically straight. (Think baseball-tee)

Puff sleeve: Shorter sleeve bunched at the top, (in a puff shape), full in the center, and cuffed at the end.

Set in sleeve: A sleeve “set-in” to the body of the garment. Beginning, at the shoulder and following the seam to the armhole. Most common sleeve type.

Bell sleeve:This sleeve type can be long (ending at the wrist) or short (ending at the elbow). It starts at the armhole and flares out at the bottom.

Bishop sleeve: Long sleeve gathered at the end (at the wrist), similar to a bishop’s robe.

These are not all of the sleeve types but these are definitely the most common.

This is just a starter kit; Tune in tomorrow when I update you on the show and include more tips! You WON’T want to miss this!!

Until then please enjoy your day, and stay fabulous!!

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