The (R)Evolution of Man

Good morning Darlings,

So it’s my first week back after spring break and I must say… I can’t wait for summer break- Already! Nevertheless the rise and grind continues.

In fashion it is so easy to focus on women’s wear and trends. How about we give the guys their kudos? Let’s talk men! Or better yet, men’s fashion.IMG_2147

Since the dawn of time, from fitted caps to fedoras, men’s style has constantly evolved- it was bound to happen soon. With the ever-changing definition of “masculinity”, comes the undeniable change in style. Early in the 21st century men were rocking neon bright colors, short(er) shorts, baggy clothes, and WAY too much gold jewelry. Today, bright colors are still a thing but more in a pastel hue, shorts have gotten longer, there are about 75% less gold pieces, and they’ve traded in their baggy clothing for the more “fitted” look. Guys have become more accepting to the trends, trying out patterns, and styles that 50 years ago or so, they would’ve never even considered. Most of this is due to the huge male celebrity presence in the fashion world. Men like Kanye West, Adam Levine, Pharell Williams, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and even Justin Bieber. You may disagree and deny it, but Tumblr and GQ speak for themselves, these men are very fashion forward and have been known to turn a few heads.  Much like girls, guys see their favorite celebrity wearing a plaid shirt dress and a pair of Yeezy’s, an outfit that they’ve never think to wear in a million years, still, they get online and order from the closest location.This idea isn’t new. We all know by now that, fashion goes in cycles, so I am interested to see which trend gets recycled next.

Until then, have a great day and remember to share this blog with your closest distant friends.

Tune is next Friday, you WON’T want to miss this!

Feel free to comment any ideas and topics that you’d love to see for the following weeks.

IMG_0906IMG_2142Photographs are products of LaModaViva Fotography

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