Makin’ It Work: Make-up as an Accessory

Good morning Darlings,

I have a riddle for you:

What’s white, black, and red all over?

A bad contour! Ha!

Well whether or not you laughed, I’m sure this post will be quite familiar to most of you. Have you ever walked around the quad or strolled through the city and seen an outfit that you just absolutely love, but, the face is bare and totally takes that magic feeling away?! Or make-up that is stunningly perfect but the outfit is pretty average?! Yeah I know what you’re thinking, “fashion is subjective” or “everyone doesn’t need makeup”. Blah, blah, blah. Excuses. Make-up isn’t about, not feeling pretty enough or competing with other women. Everyone who pays attention to the industry, watches TV, or has even cracked open a magazine, knows that make-up and hair add to the outfit. It is an accessory. You don’t have to go all out and add lashes, contours, etc. (If you do, more power to you). A nice lipstick, mascara, and foundation are the basics that every woman should have in her inventory.There is a such thing as over-doing it. In everyday wear, your face should match the outfit and occasion. If you are going on a date to the movies, there is no need to have on a full face as if you’re going to be featured in a Ke$ha video. Oh yeah, let me mention, very minimal glitter if you’re over 12…unless you’re going to be featured in a Ke$ha video.

A love note to my readers:

So today is no ordinary Friday, I have started an official Youtube blog This will be something that I do on the regular. The blogs (written and video) won’t be the same word for word but they will coincide. Be sure to check it out. I really appreciate all of you that support and work with me. Because of you, I can and I will. Thanks!  Stay beautiful, and check in next Friday.

You WON’T want to miss this!


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