Class is in Session: Urban Prep

Good morning darlings,

I know I promised a post a couple of dozen hours ago. College, right?

Now that I have apologized, (barely)  for my absence, let’s get to the good stuff.

For all of you Chicago residents, no I am not talking about Urban Prep High School. This is the run down and the science of successfully and subtly rocking the “oh-so popular”  fashion trend. In the beginning,  prep style was full fledged plaid skirts , Letterman jackets, and lots and lots of cotton. Today, there’s been a revamp of this old school style fashion. Urban prep is becoming more and popular, and if not you, I am positive that you know someone who dresses like this:

P.S: this applies for men and women

1. Cardigans (and Blazers) for days!- black, grey, navy, etc.

2. Loafers- neutral colors mostly- so grey, black, a camel brown, or chocolate brown.

3. It’s all in the cuffs- cuffed jeans have returned, yes it is a thing, again! Cuffed or rolled up sleeves on the sweater or the blazer.

4. Really classy accessories- Bow ties, Fedoras, Skinny ties, Ray Bands, (unique frames) , brief cases, satchels, messengers, really funky scarves, wrist pieces (watches and bracelets).

Now I bet your wondering, “how the devil do I wear all of these pieces?” Well fear not oh-stylish reader you. I wouldn’t give you the ingredients to make tamales and not tell you how to make them. (Did you catch the analogy? yeah you did because not only are you trendy, you’re smart too).

Anyway, skillfully layering is important. Too much at a time can look busy, sloppy , and discombobulated which is the exact opposite of urban prep. The intent is to look clean cut, sharp, with a hint of English Swagger. I will attach a few links so that you can put an image to a description. My advice: if you’re going to mix colors and patterns, use light colors against darker ones, this is not color-blocking, it is contrasting.

Preppy can be sort of difficult to pull off at first but play around with it. Think, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel.

Until next time,

Good Morning and have a great day darlings

You WON’T want to miss this!


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