Ode to Trends.

Oh glorious styles, patterns, and trends
We trade you in for new ways until you come back again
For Nothing is new under the sun.
So we cycle through our old fashions
For fashion is never done

Good evening darlings,

I bet you thought I forgot about you. I didn’t. You may have guessed it, today’s topic, is fashion trends. Can you name a few styles that your parents or grandparents wore that have reared its head on today’s runways and streets? I certainly can. What about leather jackets, bright or patterned leggings, platform boots, and floral patterned dresses.

All things we probably made fun of in the past yearbooks until we saw our favorite icons (Rihanna), wearing them. To me, fashion isn’t about what we no longer do or wear. It’s about what we wore in the past and how we wear it now. Bringing the old and adding a new flare to it. Upgrading, if you will.

You see trending topics all the time on social media. It’s up to you set your own trends. You don’t have to sit back and wait for a style to cycle around again, because it will. Be your own hashtag.

For now, keep trending loves
You WON’T want to miss this.



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