Happy New Year! Welcome to the future.

Good morning darlings,

Congratulations you made it another year. All Glory to the man Above. Tidings of joy and new beginnings. New Year, new styles, new pieces, new ways to improve. Every year we make a list of resolutions that we usually break within the first 3 weeks. This is 2015, a chance to take on new challenges. Blue was your color last year? This year try red.

Instead of planning to change completely and all at once try gradually introducing new habits. Fashion is taught. Style is inherited.

Walk intro 2015 confidently and with a mindset of “this is my year!”
I am so happy I am taking my readers into this new year. You all have my word that I will do my best to stay organized and engrossed in the world of fashion. Learning and teaching new skills every single day.

Have a good one loves
Until next time…

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