Festivus; Fashion for the Rest of Us. (Borrowed from Seinfeld)

The Holidays are upon us. Which means decorated trees, family, fun, and of course, cold weather. (Unless you live in the West–in that case the weather doesn’t apply– lucky you).

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or nothing at all. Make sure you enjoy every minute of this Holiday season enjoying loved ones and making memories that will replay in your head forever. Also, be sure to dress the part. Holiday season means lots of holiday parties which means a lot of opportunities to show off and dress to impress. From dazzling sparkles to crazy patterns. Cardigans and sweaters are all the rage this season!

Every store I go into, (Target, Macy’s, Forever 21) they are there and more fabulous than ever. Personally, I like long and open cardigans with Aztec or striped, bold or simple. Because Cardigans are so versatile, you can never really have enough. Like shoes.

Cardigans are a great last minute gift for a relative or an excellent treat for yourself. It’s safe to play with mixed and matched color pants. Crazy printed scarves. And extravagant jewelry. Happy shopping. Happy holidays!

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