Write what you know. Practice what you preach.

Good Afternoon Darlings,

It’s been awhile?

Do you miss me?

Well regardless, I certainly have missed you. So much so, I come baring tidings of joy and a bag of goodies.

The ages of 12-16 are the most impressionable. A song, a television show, a best friend, and a cute boy are some of the most influential aspects in a young girls’ life. So when I entered high school, after leaving a STRICT uniform code in my Middle
School, it only made sense that I began to grow into the young lady that I am now.
Of course, We all went through the tragic hairstyles, and crazy trends (here’s looking at you silly bands). Trying to copy our favorite celebrities and wearing way more makeup than we needed to at ANY age.

The reason I want to be a FASHION WRITER is exactly all of the things I’ve stated above, I want to be apart of the Good, Bad, and the UGLY. I want to be in the mix of the next trend, understand the celebrity styles, and determine who and what gets labeled “The Best”.

This blog is to encourage the young girls of the world that ANYthing is possible as long as you let NObody stop you. Even you.

Keep dreaming…until next time…

You WON’T want to miss this.


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