Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve

Good Morning Darlings,

They say that when you’re in love your appearance is different from before you even knew your mate existed. You may glow. Gain “relationship weight”. Smile more. Etc, etc. Something about your appearance is altered. But how far is your appearance as a couple supposed to go? I know you’ve seen it all over social media outlets; here’s looking at you Instagram.

Identical outfits? In my opinion, tacky. You’re going to make out with this person; not take pictures for a Christmas card to send to your grandma. But previously stated; it’s my opinion. If you’re an exclusive couple why do you both have to wear the same apparel? Plot twist. You don’t. same COLOR shirt? Fine. Matching loafers or sneakers? Sure. But head to toe identical jogging suits? Too far.

Cuddle hard, love birds…Until next time…

You WON’T want to miss this!

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