Why choose favorites; who says you can’t have it all?

Good evening Darlings,

A while ago ( maybe 3 weeks, or so) asked me the question: “What is your favorite brand/ designer?” I answered, “Chanel”, and I gave my points of why this was and is my decision. His answer was and is “McQueen”, followed by some well argued points.

Three weeks later this question is still in the back of my mind, along with one other. “Why do I need to chose a favorite?” Think of it like this, you (generalizing for simplicity of course), have two parents, two best friends, or two siblings. You love them equally. Sure the reasons might be different, but the love is pretty much the same. No matter what you may think. Yes, I adore the chic and feminine mystique of Chanel but I also love the edginess and out-of-the-box style of McQueen. My decision is  and will always be based around the situation. I mean you wouldn’t take an ink pen to a math test would you?

Fashion is used to describe who you are. Never let someone tell you that you don’t have style. Even having no style, is a style. Until next time…

You WON’T want to miss this!

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